I really wish I had written down more of the hilarious things my kids say sometimes. Lately, Steven has been on a roll.

Doug and I have some pet names for each other. Some of them we intentionally don’t say in front of the kids because we don’t want them repeated. Not that they’re bad, but you know kids…

But, the other day Doug called me “Hot Stuff” in front of Steven. His response?

“Mommy’s not hot stuff!” Very emphatically.

Then a couple of days ago I asked Steven to go do something for me and popped an M&M into his mouth as he passed by. He yelled, “Thanks for the M&M, Mommy!” from the other room. Doug shushed him, letting him know that the girls didn’t know about it. He then started teasing Steven, saying that if he let the girls know about the M&M we’d have to get the M&M from his tummy so we could cut it in thirds and give some to the girls. Steven’s very serious response?

“Daddy, that would take surgery.”

His further (and still serious) response when I rolled in laughter?

“Well it would take surgery!”

There was something else yesterday, but we can’t remember what it was! All I remember is that it began with, “I do believe…”  That seems to be a common phrase around our house these days. I have no idea how it started, although I’m sure it had something to do with Prisspot (aka Angela) who says it in a very proper tone. Steven typically mimics that the same attitude when he says it. Life with a child who is all boy yet is also the only male child in the family is definitely fun!

Finally, he has worn one of his favorite shirts nearly every day this week. He will do that – wear the same shirt over and over and over until we insist that it go in the laundry. I thought I had a picture of him in this one, but I can’t seem to find it. Anyway, it’s red (his favorite color) and has a large chocolate chip cookie on the front surrounded by the words “Cookie Inspector.” He has been told he must put it in the laundry tonight.  And yes, for the record, he does expect to be able to inspect some cookies, especially if today is the last time he can wear that shirt for a few days!  He has put in a specific request for chocolate chip cookies, and has informed me that it is necessary that he inspect the cookies before and after baking.

Ah, life with Steven – definitely fun!


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