It’s easy to excite our little boy around here. Between the crop dusters and the various heavy machinery, there is no end to his delight. But, it gets even more exciting when something comes to our own yard!

We decided to try our hand at gardening this year. Novices that we are, there’s no telling how it will all turn out. But, we’ll be trying. Jonathan had offered to bring his tractor over to till up the ground for us, and Saturday night he and Ian showed up to do just that.

The boys diligently supervised the job.100_8897

Then they inspected it. 100_8898

Finally, they pulled out their own tractors to polish it off.  100_8902

Yep, living in farm country is one exciting life!


Woo-hoo! Great neighbors, yah? Love the little boys with their tractors ;D

Hope your garden is successful,


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