Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, April 9, 2012

Outside my window...early morning sunshine, mingled with a few clouds. The small field across the street from our house is yellow with wild flowers. I love it!

I am thinking...that I’d really like to just curl up with a book right now and forget the rest of the day.

I am thankful for...Doug’s good start to the morning. Yesterday’s start was not so good. He woke up in pain around midnight, and was at the ER by 4:00. Kidney stone. As of this morning, either narcotics have an even stronger effect on him than we thought (already half a pill lasts longer for him than a whole one should!), or he actually did manage to push it on through with the massive amount of liquid he’s consumed. We’re banking on the latter!

I am pj’s. I’m actually getting to this early!

I am creating…cloth napkins. Well, I will be just as soon as I get sewing night started again, either this week or next. They’ve been on my list for a while, but the task of pressing under hems was daunting. And, I really didn’t want the look of serged hems for these napkins. So, I’ve just put it off. But, last week at Bernina Club, I spent the rest of my birthday money on a couple of new feet for my sewing machine. One of them creates narrow double hems as I sew. No pressing under and then pressing again. Nope. The foot does it for me! I’m so incredibly excited! Now I want to make those napkins just to get to practice with that new foot!

I am remembering...springs in Jordan. The yellow field across the street reminds me of field upon field of red as the poppies sprouted every March. Beautiful.

I am tackle that laundry pile today. It’s bugging me.

I am reading...60 Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings. About to start Embraced by God. Oh, and Olivia and I are reading Henry Reed, Inc. for school and LOVING it! It’s a cute book on it’s own, but it is a perfect book for Olivia. It’s fun to read it and then discuss it with her knowing it fits her so well.

I am hoping...Doug’s stone really did pass…

I am hearing...not much. The girls are having their quiet times, and Steven is quietly playing. Quiet is nice.

On my mind...prayers for many. Some bring smiles, others bring a heaviness. But, I hunger to have perseverance in all.

From the learning rooms...a short week. But, by Wed we will have gotten two weeks’ worth of work done in a week and a half! Makes a long weekend that much more rewarding.

Noticing that...opinions are as varied as the number of people who have them. If we as believers would found all of our opinions on the Word of God, we might find a stronger voice than when we just present our individualized stance on things. Just a random thought…

From the kitchen...not sure. But, my smoothie this morning was pretty good!

Around the house...Easter remnants everywhere, including candy. I will be a good girl and limit my chocolate, especially the peanut-butter filled kind.

A favorite thing from last week...getting out in the yard with the family. Pictures of the “fruit” of our labor will be coming this week!

A few plans for the rest of the today through Wednesday, homeschool convention (our first) Thursday through Saturday.

A picture worth sharing...I might have shared this one before, but I ran across it on my phone recently. This is from last fall. He’s not this little anymore.Mill Bayou-20120106-00050


Doug Hibbard said…
He's not that little, but he still likes to wear the helmet.
Choate Family said…
I'll second your "curl up with a good book and forget the rest of the day"!

Curl up, good book, hot drink... sounds perfect!

And Stephen... may not be that little, but still that cute!


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