Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, April 30, 2012

Outside my window...two fully bushed out peach trees with a few small peaches on them! We don’t know if the fruit will grow to maturity since we just planted the trees last year, but it’s fun to see the peaches anyway! We probably have close to a dozen between the two trees.

I am thinking...about how to best adjust my mornings for greatest productivity.

I am thankful for...a weekend with my husband and a church that is willing to let us miss a Sunday now and then.

I am wearing...denim capris and a Razorback t-shirt. (The Hogs beat a top-five team in baseball last night. Woo Pig Souiee!)

I am remembering...our first-ever marriage retreat. We’d been married two months. It was a bit strange and funny for us. I think it took ten years to make it to another one!

I am be home all…week…long! YAY!

I am reading...Beyond Molasses Creek and Discover Your Child’s Learning Style.

I am hoping...for a productive day.

I am hearing...Steven singing and just generally making noise while he does school work.

From the learning rooms...I’ll be doing the week’s preview and prep this afternoon. I’ll know then!

Noticing that...this morning’s smoothie is staving off hunger a lot better than I expected. I was so very hungry this morning, and I kind of expected it to not quite do the trick.

Pondering these words... “Parents are destined for disappointment when they admire fruit in others and seek to emulate merely that expression of fruit in their own children. Fruit is born from the inside -- not applied to the outside.” - Rob Bradley (from an article in the Virginia Home Educator Magazine)  My added thought – I think this applies to our own hearts as well.

From the kitchen...the beginning of efforts to try to cook as coolly as possible as the temperatures outside rise. The crock pot, induction burner, and roaster should all help!

Around the house...storm windows closed tight to preserve the indoor temperatures; remnants of things that still need to be put away after the weekend; some “behind on housework” clutter.

A favorite thing from last week...knowing that the kids didn’t want Doug and me to leave them any sooner than necessary, but were also perfectly comfortable saying goodbye. What an assurance of their love for us and proof of their security in our love for them!

A few plans for the rest of the week...a week that should actually follow the schedule! Unless, of course, we take advantage of the warmer temperatures and make our first trip to the pool this week. Even so, it should be a pretty “normal” week, whatever that means!

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Teish said…
Love that hat! Kids look adorable in big hats! :-)
Thanks, Teish!! Angie has always been my hat girl - I love her in them!
Oh, real peaches fresh from the tree... there's nothing like that (and they don't grow well here, so I have to get them where I can ;D)

You're headed for the pool???

It's in the 50's here, and raining again. *sigh*


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