We hoped to try the garden again this year, but we’ve just come to the conclusion that our yard needs drainage help first. We really need to build up the garden into boxes, and that’s just not something we’re getting into this year.

But, we didn’t abandon planting altogether! Last week we managed to get a few things taken care of.

Early in the week, the kids got outside and started working a little bit.

Olivia started with the little pumpkin patch. We buried a few little pumpkins last fall, just to see if they would break down and grow this spring. Sure enough, they sprouted! So, Olivia worked on weeding the little pumpkin mound. But, she started off in her nice white shirt and cute pink shorts. Um, I don’t think so.


That’s better!


Meanwhile, Angie and Steven took shovels and began working loosen the weeds in the one small well-drained spot in the yard.









Of course, toads were a little more interesting than weeds!


Then on Saturday, we all got back outside to finish up the job. I finished the pumpkin weeding and defined the mounds a little better while Doug helped the kids really clear out the rest of the weeds and leaves.



Then out came the plants. We planted grapes and blueberries, and then hung baskets with strawberries and tomatoes.









Hopefully this year’s endeavor will be a little more successful than last years!


We're going to try, too - we'll see what we get!

Choate Family said…
Yum - you are making me hungry! Did you know that you can eat pumpkin leaves? They are delicious cooked in coconut milk and curry!

Joanna, Olivia just recently read that somewhere about pumpkin leaves! I know in Jordan we had a dish made from grape leaves. The kids weren't too impressed. :-)

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