My Talented Children

It all started when Angie decided to fold napkins as we discussed quiet times every day at lunch. The folding reminded the kids of origami. Then they remembered they had Fun With Easy Origami.

And Angela remembered Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.

Product Details

Inspired by the napkin folding and the two books, the kids pulled out paper and began folding away!


Angela took pride in making some little bitty animals. The one on the left is a crane and the one on the right a butterfly. I was amazed at the detail!!!


Some of these creations ended up wrapped in boxes and bags and given to me for my birthday! So, I now have flowers with interchangeable colors, a box to hold the petals not currently displayed on my stalk, a penguin, a crane, and a butterfly gracing the top of my desk. How I love watching my children create!


how on earth did they fold anything SO TINY!?! Well done on all of them :D


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