Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, March 11, 2013

In the great outdoors...a blustery day. Cold wind, but the sun is trying to peek out as well. That’s a beautiful sight.

Within our four walls...some housework should get done. A little of it will today, but for the most part this is a writing day.

A heart of thanksgiving...for provision. It never ceases to blow my mind how God can provide simply by expanding the life of what we have.

Also for the strong, vibrant voice I heard on the other end of the line Friday. Grandpa, who will be 92 this month, called to wish me a happy birthday. I have not heard that much life and energy in his voice since before Grandma died a year ago. I know there are many things I would have picked up seeing him in person that I couldn’t see over a phone line, but it was nice to once again hear Grandpa sound like himself again.

A heart of prayer...for a good and productive writing day. For the Choate family as they continue traveling this week. For spiritual and physical healing for many.

Random observations…time change stinks. It was even worse than normal yesterday. We changed our clocks Friday night to make the adjustment on Saturday instead of Sunday. Since we use our Kindle Fires as alarm clocks, we switched them off automatic time and reset them manually. Apparently, they are programmed to update the time zone whether they’re on auto or manual! So, on Sunday morning they adjusted for DST – on top of the adjustments we made Friday night. Our alarms went off at 4:00 AM instead of 5:00 AM. We didn’t get to the bottom of the problem until we were actually up and “awake.” Yeah.

My silly children...are gone today. Doug arranged for them to go home with JoJo last night – you can imagine how “disappointed” they were to discover that news!! They tried to be stoic, not letting me know just how much they would have preferred to be at home doing exciting things like chores and school. I mean, after all, it took Steven all of two minutes to race up to JoJo after church and say, “Can we go to your house right now?!?!”

It’s really weird to be home without them. Nice every now and then, without a doubt. But still strange.

Thoughts from the kids? No telling! I need to get back to regular menu planning.

On my bookshelf...I’m trying to be super, super, super diligent with writing today so I can read Liz Curtis Higgs’ Fair is the Rose this week. It’s book two in a series based on the story of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel, set in the Scottish highlands. My friend Karlyn is a book ahead of me, and she said it just gets better and better and better! I remain continually amazed by how Liz Curtis Higgs can take a very familiar story and still keep me on the edge of my seat as she retells it. She did the same with Ruth. Phenomenal author!

Projects…the sewing bug is biting again. I need to make some pj shorts for Steven, I found an adorable crocheted shrug I want to make for Olivia to replace the one she outgrew, and there are a couple of other things I want to sew as well. Oh, and Doug and the kids stocked me up on yarn and knitting needles for my birthday! So, of course, I want to use those! Time to plan my first real project!

Sounds of the and tapping keyboards as Doug and I work.

Last week we learned...that Joulies really do work. Wow!

A favorite thing from last absolutely wonderful family day for my birthday. I’ll share more later in the week.

The will be a little different, but the rest of the week is pretty normal. I don’t think we really have anything on the calendar…well, except for the fact that Steven has been invited to a birthday party on Saturday.

Because visuals are fun...we sorted through spring clothes Saturday. Angie had to try on everything…

2013-03-09 10.24.05


Ooo, a bit of time AT HOME without the kids? Sounds like fun!

I've been sewing a lot lately, too, but had to put it all away for a bit so I could focus on other things. *sigh* Show pics of what you make, okay?!


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