The Provision Post

Okay, so I told you I’d post the specifics of how God provided this year. I still get chills and tears as I realize just how amazing it is!

First, as Doug and I pulled stuff out of the attic, we realized there was nothing for Steven up there. I first thought, “Oh no!” Then I immediately took a breath and reminded myself that God would provide, even if it meant providing perfect sales and shopping success when we went to restock his closet.

Doug reminded me of a bag in the top of Steven’s closet, but there really wasn’t anything useful in there, other than one pair of shorts. As Steven pulled out his drawers, though, I realized that we left out many more shirts and shorts than I’d remembered. In fact, we’d left out just about everything! When all was said and done, all but a couple of shirts still fit from last year. I was stunned! He’s grown an inch and a half since the end of last summer! I just knew no shirt would fit him, even if his shorts still did. I was wrong!

He needed only two things: a new suit and pj shorts. He’d outgrown his old suit, and although he’s poured himself into it in recent weeks, he really wanted a new one before Easter. His sweet Daddy had it ordered for him in no time flat, and you should have seen the delight on his face when it arrived! Meanwhile, my mother-in-law had already handed me adorable material that would work perfectly for pj shorts. He was set!

Then came the girls. I expected Olivia to have dress clothes, but to be in need of everyday stuff. After all, she’s grown more than Steven did! And, I expected many of Olivia’s hand-me-downs to not fit Angela because they are built so differently. What did fit, I expected to look very worn out because Olivia is hard on clothes.

I was wrong, on all counts.

I feel like the Israelites wandering in the desert – God kept their clothes from wearing out. What he did with my children’s spring and summer clothes is no less miraculous. With few exceptions, He kept them fitting my children and kept them from wearing out.

But it gets better! They don’t even need shoes!!!!

We have never entered a new season without needing to buy at least some shoes. But, even though their feet have all grown, they need no new shoes! Casual or dress!

I’ll be crocheting Olivia a shrug to replace one she outgrew, and I will probably make her a couple of gowns because she prefers sleeping in them rather than the shorts and t-shirts currently in her drawer.

We’ll be picking up a couple of pairs of capri leggings for Angie to wear under a a few dresses she absolutely loves – dresses that still fit except for the length.

We’ll do those things because we can, not because we have to. God took care of the needs, and added wants on top of that!

Can I say that this really isn’t about being able to afford to shop? We could have gone out and bought new clothes. We’d just rather not. True, we don’t want to spend that money if we don’t have to, but you’ve seen the clothes out there for preteen girls, I’m sure. Yeah. Not too thrilling, even for people who like shopping. (I don’t really fit that category.)

No, this is about trusting God and getting to see Him do some awesome things. That’s a hundred times more fun than being handed $1000 and told to go outfit the kids could ever be! It just makes me smile, big time, and it makes me praise.


Choate Family said…
Oh, friend! Isn't it awesome and amazing every single time God does that for His children :-) I need the reminders of His faithfulness - thanks!

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