Me to Olivia: Have a milk carton. (Handing her an empty milk jug that needed to be thrown away.)

Olivia (dryly): Thanks. Just what I always wanted.

Angela (without a moment’s hesitation): I will name it George and train it to do all of my math.

Olivia (a few minutes later): Maybe I should build a robot to do all of my math for me.

Me: If you build a working robot, I’ll never make you do math again.

Olivia: It takes math to build a robot, doesn’t it?

Steven (a little while later): Maybe you should build a robot to do your language arts.

Olivia: It still takes math to build it. Besides, I like language arts.

Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on our wall for just one day? It wouldn’t be boring. I promise!


Here's to George. When she gets it working, we'll buy one ;D


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