“I just love my daddy!”

Want to guess what prompted that statement from Olivia? Especially only a day after she was in big trouble with her daddy (and mommy, too, for that matter)!

Well, I was working on a review while Olivia finished up her chores. Then, we were planning on playing a little Nerts for our date time. She walked in to the library and said, “Mommy, someone booby-trapped my door!”

Of course, I’d been given advanced warning, but I played along, laughing all the while.

She had been suspicious when her door was closed. She never leaves her door closed when she’s not in her room. It only closes when the windows are open and a gust of wind slams it shut. Her windows were not open (although they should be! Yes, on June 3 we have doors and windows wide open and it feels GREAT! We can’t get over it! And we love it! Okay – side note ended.). So, naturally, her suspicions were aroused.

Olivia opened her door slowly to see a string right at eye-level. That’s when she came to report to me. Naturally, everyone gathered around, and she then opened the door.

A somewhat loud POP made the kids jump just a bit. Doug had attached a string to a popper and arranged it so that it would pop when she opened door!

And that little practical joke is what made my pre-teen daughter laugh and say, “I just love my daddy!”

That makes me smile!


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