Well, a lovely dose of food poisoning changed the course of my week, so I didn’t get as much posted as planned. I’m now trying to play catch-up on everything I missed while out of commission!

We used this recipe (click the picture for the link & recipe):

The blog author says to use whole milk. Well, we didn’t. In fact, Doug mixed up a gallon of powdered skim milk (because that’s what we had on hand that day). It worked just fine! True, it’s not the rich yogurt whole milk would have made, but it’s still quite creamy. And it kept us from having to buy an extra gallon of milk on shopping day that we then would have had to find a place for in the fridge. It’s hard enough to find a place for all of the little half-pint jars! (This is only a few of them – the baking sheet was full!)

2013-06-06 07.52.10

Definitely very easy and much cheaper than a tub of yogurt, even if we had bought a gallon of whole milk! The kids didn’t like the unsweetened, plain yogurt on its own, but they have enjoyed it in their smoothies. And, now that we know what we’re doing, it will be very easy to make some fruit yogurt next time around. Yay for another easy, money-saving recipe!


But that's NOT what brought on the food poisoning, riiiiight?

LOVE yogurt, but I've never made it. Maybe I'll try :D

Haha! No, Julie, the food poisoning came from turkey lunchmeat. The yogurt is perfectly safe! :-)

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