Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, June 3, 2013

In the great outdoors...pure country beauty. The fields are turning either green with corn and rice plants, a luscious brown as the ground is tilled for soybean planting, or golden with ripe wheat, almost ready for harvest. Oh, what a breathtakingly beautiful sight those golden wheat fields are!

2013-05-31 16.21.35

Today the sun is shining, but the temperatures are absolutely wonderful. It was a perfect 60° this morning with a breeze from the north when Doug and I went out to walk. Last night, the weather was perfect for our first night of VBS! Comfortable weather the first week of June? Yes, I think I will, thank you! I’m loving spring and early summer this year!

Within our four walls...somewhere…there is a fourth grade Horizons math teacher’s book. In all honesty, I almost never use it for teaching. The student book is so well laid out (and Angela is so sharp in math) that we rarely need the teaching plan. But, it does include information about which worksheets go with what lessons. Oh, and it has this little bitty section called the ANSWER KEY!!!!! Yeah. That little, phenomenally helpful section that keeps me from having to work through every math lesson myself. I did that last week, after getting behind on grading once again. I had to work through seven or eight lessons. Ick. Then I put it off again over this past week because I was sure I’d run across the teacher’s guide. Nope. Still missing. Sigh.

Maybe if I were to catch up on housework, it would show up. Yeah, that’s really an inspiration to fold laundry.

In happier “around the house” news, the windows are open! Doug picked up a new tension rod for the hanging screen, but I didn’t expect to be able to use it this spring since the temps were starting to climb. It’s hanging today, though! It feels wonderful!

A heart of thanksgiving...for the incredible weather, for a smooth first night of VBS, and for a new week.

A heart of prayer...for new relationships. I have recently been able to attach a name to a “future spouse” prayer I’ve been praying for a friend. Can I tell you how exciting that is?!?! Now I get to pray by name! Someday, that will happen with my children as well. I don’t want to rush that day, but it makes it even more exciting for pray for those two young men and that young woman. God knows their names, and one day He’s going to reveal them. (I wouldn’t be at all upset if at least one of them bears the Choate name!)

Random observations...

My silly children...are rather calm this morning. I think Steven is outside enjoying the beautiful morning. I’m not sure what the girls are up to.

Thoughts from the kitchen...there’s a menu plan posted on the fridge. I have no idea what’s on it for today. Hopefully nothing that requires extensive preparation! I suppose I need to preview it to see what I need to take care of to keep up with it this week.

On my bookshelf...about the same stuff as last week. I’m a bit behind on “school” reading with the kids. Still hoping to squeeze a good novel in this summer!

Projects...mostly mending is on the sewing list this week. Christmas ideas are rummaging through my mind, and I think I might actually manage to get a head start on them this year. Several of them are things I can do while watching Doctor Who or Iron Chef reruns now and then. I like projects like that. I can relax with the family, do something I really like to do, and delight in a sense of accomplishment.

Sounds of the moment...birds tweeting outside. They’re loving this weather, too!

Last week we interesting it can be to drive from here to my parents’ house and back again when there has been and continues to be much rain.

A favorite thing from last week...(or yesterday)…Steven made his public profession of faith and will be baptized later this month! We’ve seen evidence of salvation in his life for months, but he hasn’t quite made the connection to share it with the church and seek baptism. Until now. What a joy it is to know that the hearts of all three of my children belong to Jesus!

The planner...VBS through Wednesday, Bernina Club on Thursday, and hopefully a trip or two to the pool this week. June is a full, full month, but we’re excited about all that’s going on!

Because visuals are fun...peaches!! Oh how I love the process of watching these young trees grow and begin to bear fruit. I look forward to the day when the harvest is plentiful for sharing!




Choate Family said…
Yay for Steven! We are SO excited for your family. And we wouldn't mind a bit if our gene pools were to mix in the future ;-)
What a lot of happy news - especially Steven's!


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