Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, June 10, 2013

In the great outdoors...summer is finally settling in. I love that it waited so long – a “real” spring was nice. Oh, and the peaches are ripening beautifully! This is the same peach I posted a picture of last week. It’s not the best picture, but can you see how the color has changed in just a week?2013-06-10 11.31.04

Within our four walls...everyone busy with projects. Livie’s finishing up school work and Angie & Steven are assembling a wooden model airplane.

A heart of thanksgiving...for a good start to our week.

A heart of prayer...for a godly man who has had a very powerful impact on our community. His wife was killed in a car accident on Saturday.

Random observations...My baby boy has changed and grown so much! The child who once would not even look at people outside our immediate family (including grandparents!), much less talk to them, now races to be with other people. Nearly every week he asks to sit with someone else at church. Never other children – always some adult. Some days he really surprises me with the people he chooses. I always tell him that he has to go ask permission from the person he wants to sit with. He leaves his bag in “our” pew, goes to ask permission, and then comes back to get his bag.

Last night at church, we were doing a VBS recap for the evening service for the sake of those who were not able to be involved in VBS. The children made crafts that are being sent to other children, and they were asked to take their crafts to adults in the church and ask them to pray with them for the children who would be receiving each item. Steven didn’t wait to be assigned an adult. He ran straight to a man he frequently sits with, someone he admires and loves very much. I could just barely hear their voices (not what they were saying) as they prayed and talked together for those few minutes. It was so precious to me!

Adults frequently don’t realize how much children want to interact with them! Our churches offer fantastic opportunities for generations to merge and mentoring to occur. I’m so thankful for a church full of adults who are willing to love on my children and stand as examples of godliness to them! What a precious gift!

My silly children...(this seems like such an abrupt shift from the previous comment, but this is how our life goes…one extreme to the other in a matter of moments!)…It seems that my precious children never cease to come up with hilarious comments or conversations. I’ve taken to writing them down as they happen so I can share them. I’m not going to share one today, but there will be a post later this week!

Thoughts from the kitchen...we tried something new and it worked! Homemade yogurt – crockpot style! I’ll post more later this week.

On my bookshelf...a self-pub YA fiction duo. The girls loved it. I’m not exceedingly motivated.

Projects...I’ve actually gotten several mending items taken care of. I still need to finish Steven’s second pair of pj shorts. I made a mistake on them yesterday and I’ll have to go back and correct that.

I also need to tackle a major picture project. I haven’t sorted pictures in sooooooo long! That desperately needs to be done!

Sounds of the playing. A/C running.

A favorite thing from last week...a relaxed Saturday afternoon after a very busy week.

The planner...not much. Angela has sewing camp this week, so we didn’t plan anything else.

Because visuals are fun...Smokey says, “Yes, you WERE done with that math!”

2013-06-10 11.50.24


Choate Family said…
We love making our own yogurt! I think I've gotten spoiled in this country, but very soon, making yogurt will becoming an every other day chore (in a good way!).

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