Book Review: Bible Stories Painting Book 2

Well, I had hoped to have a "real” post up this week, but trying to cram five work days into three made time a little scarce. I do have a book review, though. Bible Stories Painting Book 2 was sent to me by Kregel for review.

Even though Bible Stories Painting Book 2 is really geared toward preschool and early elementary, all three of my kids helped me test it. They are always up for a little bit of watercolor!

The book itself is good quality. The pages are thick and heavy, and the watercolors do not bleed through. This is very helpful considering there are pictures on both sides of each page. It’s easy to paint the back side when the front is dry.

The pages are perforated well for easy tear-out. This is essential for this particular book because the paint is worked into the cover of the book! It is possible to paint the pages while they are inside the book, but not all of the paint can be accessed.

So, how is the paint worked into the book cover? Well, both the front and back sides of the cover unfold to reveal a two-page spread of paint palettes worked directly into the inside covers. A little water on a brush activates the palettes just like normal watercolors.

I doubt that the paint on the palettes will be enough for all sixteen pictures in Bible Stories Painting Book 2. My children did not waste paint, but they did use up a good bit of the paint from the back cover for three pictures. I think there’s more left on those palettes than we think, but they’ll probably have to pull out their own supply of water colors before they finish all of the pictures.

I will also caution that there are a lot of details in these pictures. Young children will not be able to neatly paint much of this detail.

But, Bible Stories Painting Book 2 is still a fun concept and a high quality book. The colors are mostly true to the palette, and the painting process works well. My big kids had a great time testing this for me, and I’m sure younger kids would be just as delighted to give it a try.

This book was sent to me by Kregel in exchange for my honest review.


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