Rain & Attitudes

My children have such precious attitudes! Yes, I’m bragging on them. Sorry. Just move on if you don’t want to read it.

We haven’t been swimming in a while, so I told them we’d go this morning. I confess, I had schedule fixation: morning chores; work on school prep until 9:45; get changed lathered up with sunscreen; go to the pool and let the kids swim until about 11:30 while I alternate between swimming and reading; come home and shower; fix lunch; get back to work.

Schedule fixation frequently means I’m not as attentive to the world around me as I should be. Sure enough, it didn’t even dawn on me to check the weather. I could tell it had clouded over a bit since our clear-sky walk this morning, but none of my windows really have a great view of the northeast.


We got in the van and noticed some darkening to the northeast. I checked the weather on my phone. “Sunny!” Right. “Moving east.” You betcha. We’re southwest and that looks like it’s blowing right our direction.

We went on to the pool, but this was the northeast view within minutes of our arrival. (To my credit, that part of the sky was still full of nice, white fluffy clouds when we left the house. And we only live a few blocks away.)

2013-07-23 10.16.48

No thunder, so I let the kids get in the water. They were in for a few minutes when the wind really picked up.

And I mean really.

They did not argue one bit when I rounded them back up to head home. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the wind was chilly (at the end of July?!?!?!) and only my biscuit Angie wasn’t freezing to death!

But what makes me smile the most is right now. They should be swimming right now. Instead, they’re celebrating the beautiful sound of thunder, which began about ten minutes after we got home. Oh, and there comes the rain! They’re dancing and happily chanting, “It’s raining! It’s raining!”

Granted, two of the three are still in their swim suits in hopes of getting to go back to the pool later in the day. But, they’re already okay with the possibility that it might not happen. They’re just as cheerful as can be.

Yep, I love their attitudes. Proud of my sweet kiddos!


Choate Family said…
Oh, how I love your kiddos!

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