Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, July 1, 2013

In the great outdoors...okay, y’all are probably tired of my weather reports, but this is so exciting to me! I’m not convinced it’s July! Right now it’s 73°. What’s more, it feels like 73°. We have had our windows open since yesterday morning! Yes, to welcome in July! That’s not to say we haven’t had our heat. In fact, last week was rough. We hit the 100° mark a couple of times and came close the rest of the week – and the humidity was high, which means the heat index was over 100° most of the week. But, typically once we hit that kind of heat, we just feel thankful to back down to low 90’s. Today’s forecasted high? 82°!!! I’m a happy girl!

Of course, it’s also doing strange things to my summer mentality. It doesn’t feel possible that it’s actually July yet because it doesn’t feel like July. So now I just need to get my brain to pay more attention to the calendar than the weather. The most awesome thing about it, though, is that I don’t get much done when it’s super hot. So, at least I feel productive right now! I mean, I’ve got fresh air! In July!!

Within our four’s time to rearrange. It’s been seven months, after all. The only problem is that I like the way our house is arranged. We’ve got it working well! So, how do I keep the house the way I like it and still satisfy the rearranging urge? I purge! Massive clean-outs! Starting tomorrow, I’ll attack the kids’ rooms. Doug and I did a little in our room last night after church, and it felt good!!! That little bit of work will let me move games from the library to our spare closet, which will fix the school bookshelf space issues I encountered last week.

And have I mentioned that, to top it all off, I have a cool week in which to do all of this? Yep, definitely a happy girl right now!

A heart of thanksgiving...for an amazing week last week! Steven did phenomenally well, and the girls had a fantastic time at camp. More about that tomorrow…unless, of course, I disappear in the chaos that is Steven’s room. If you don’t hear from me, come dig me out!

A heart of prayer...for rain and for the crops. It’s been a tough spring/early summer for the farmers for a variety of reasons. Praying for good, soaking rains to come through and for a smooth harvest.

Random observations...I think I was so verbose with the first two thought starters that I have nothing random to offer! With the way my mind works, though, something random will pop into my head the moment I click publish.

My silly children...played Legos non-stop after the girls got home. I think they started a bit on Friday evening, continued all day Saturday, and went right back to it yesterday. Apparently, while Steven dealt with girlie withdrawal, the girlies dealt with Lego withdrawal. I have said it before and I will say it again – I am convinced there has never been a better toy than Legos!

Thoughts from the kitchen...rice lasagna today. Yummy!

On my bookshelf...I only got Joni & Ken read last week. So, I need to hit the penguin YA book and Defending the Faith hard and heavy this week. The girls and I will also be starting What I Learned in Narnia this week. I’m looking forward to that one. Oh, and we finished The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as a family, so we’re moving on to The Horse and His Boy.

Projects...contemplating birthday and Christmas projects. But, the reorganization project is taking precedence this week, despite the fact that I’d love to be sitting at the sewing machine right now!

Sounds of the blowing, NOT the A/C. *happy sigh* Chattering while the kids clean the bathroom.

From Hibbard school for the next three weeks, except some reading together. The week of the 22nd we’ll probably get back to math and language arts. Then, if all goes according to plan, we’ll start the new cores July 29. In the meantime, I’m busy organizing, going through Olivia’s new core, and planning supplements for Angela. This is my fun time!

A favorite thing from last week...watching the girls’ final performance on Friday. They did an amazing job! Oh, but I think yesterday might have even topped that. They shared a few things about camp with the church, and they did such a good job articulating what they learned! I’m so proud of them!

The planner...obviously an at-home week. A pastor friend of Doug’s will be here for a visit this evening, but otherwise our week is focused on reorganizing!

Because visuals are son has turned into a t-rex lately.

2013-06-24 08.25.08


Hurray for the cooler weather and the burst of productivitiy! (Oh boy, I can really relate!)

Love your little t-rex :D


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