The Joy of Homeschooling

It’s not even 10:00 this morning, and already I have heard three times, “Oh! Now I see!” or something similar.

Can I tell you how awesome that is?

Obviously, there are other sources for responses like that. But, there’s nothing more satisfying for me than hearing it from my own sweet children. I love it! I got my first taste of it when reading clicked for Olivia – that light bulb moment where she went from struggling over each letter blend and word to seeing a word as a whole and being able to read it without sounding out every little part. Oh that was a thrilling moment!

Once I had that taste, I craved more. There are no words to express just how thankful I am that God satisfies that craving on a regular basis by allowing me to teach my children. Thank you, Lord! So very much!


Luke Holzmann said…
Absolutely! What a joy it is to be there for the "light bulb moments" [smile].


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