Farm Safety Day

Every year fifth graders throughout the county head over to the county fairgrounds for Farm Safety Day. Last Wednesday was that day. What a blessing to have one of the coordinators in our church! Not only did she let us know about it and help us get signed up for it, but she also made sure we were in her group that day. And what a fun day it was!


There are several small private schools in the county, and Olivia, being the only homeschooler in attendance, was put in their group. We could not have asked for a better group to join! Those girls immediately welcomed Olivia in, and she bounced to and fro between the various school groups. Another friend from church is the fifth and sixth grade teacher for one of those private schools, so she adopted Olivia into her class for the day. Two of her students were familiar to Olivia – one was a girl she met in her sewing class this past summer, and the other is the step-granddaughter of a couple from church.


Meanwhile, some girls from one of the other schools thought Olivia was just too cute and wanted to get to know her! So, they all enjoyed lunch together.


Farm Safety Day was just as it sounds…a day to learn how to be safe on a farm. I have to admit that things were mentioned that I never would have even thought about!

We started with the fire house, learning safe ways to get out of a burning home. Then we moved on to tractor/mower safety. Once the reps from John Deere finished their presentation, all the kids got to climb on the tractor and lawn mower.


From there, we moved on to presentations covering ATV safety, 911 information, One Call (811 – call before you dig!), and cleanliness practices. After lunch, we learned about hearing protection and safety, and then moved on to learning about the importance of being careful around grain and in grain bins. They used small samples of grain to show how easy it is to get sucked into a grain bin and how tightly stuck you can get once you’re in there!


Next, two EMT’s showed some of their equipment and discussed their rescue techniques, and then we moved on to learn about fire safety.


The final stop was learning about being aware of dangerous animals, especially reptiles like snakes and alligators such as this little guy – much smaller than the largest gator found in Arkansas, measuring in at 17 1/2 feet!


And then there was the unexpected find of the day. Olivia, ever the explorer, had to look over her surroundings. She looked up high enough to be the one person to see this…


Farm Safety Day was definitely a fun day – Angela’s already looking forward to her turn in two years!


What a great day - glad Olivia got included in it :D

Choate Family said…
Olivia IS too cute! Who wouldn't want to spend time with her and her sweet family :-)

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