Remember the “Snow” song from White Christmas? That’s what my kids were singing Saturday morning!

It actually started Friday night. We got to see it because we all stayed up late to watch the Olympic opening ceremony. Thanks to our unusually frozen ground, it began accumulating immediately!100_1564

The next morning we woke up to 1-2 inches of real snow – you know, the nice powdery stuff. Not the heavy, wet mess we usually get that soaks into you the moment you touch it and turns every surface into a skating rink. No, this was the real stuff. 


Great for snowballs…


…and snowmen…


The cats were not nearly as pleased as the children.


This snow was a nice, peaceful event. More is forecasted for tomorrow, but this time in a snow storm form. They say we might get 5-8 inches this time. We’ll see! Could be nothing. Then again, there have been times when a forecasted few inches have turned into a few feet. Only time will tell!


Hurray for some fun in the snow! We had a big Friday, and it tried to snow again today, but nothing stuck. Maybe tomorrow :D

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