O Come, All Ye Cats Now

Angela has started writing songs, some to original tunes and some to more familiar tunes. Here’s one of them, sung to the tune of “O Come, All Ye Faithful.” Enjoy! 

Verse 1
O come all ye cats now, wailing and annoying
O come ye, o come ye to the laundry room.
Come and get food now, and we’ll lock you out.

O come stop wailing now
O come stop wailing now
O come stop wailing now
All of you fat cats

Verse 2
Eat, you three cats now, eat up ‘til you’re full
Then leave out the cat door and leave us alone.
Then it is naptime until it is the morning.

Repeat chorus

Verse 3
Now they are up, early in the morning,
Wailing to be let in right then
Finally it’s time to make them hush


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