The Goodness of Motherhood

This week I read comments from a mom who said that she didn’t understand why anyone would say motherhood was hard. She found it easy and fun, and challenged any who said otherwise.

It made me stop and take a look back at this week. Was it really my attitude that made parenting hard this week? Or is there more to it?

Here’s what I found hard this week:

  • A little twinge of sadness as Olivia came back from her weekend youth event. She had fun, but it was obvious that none of her local friends really “get” her. All the friends who do live far, far away. That’s sad to me. Yet, it is always a delight to watch her solidify her confidence in herself. That’s something she couldn’t get to do if God allowed her to always be surrounded by people who “get” her. She can only really grow that confidence when challenged. So, yep, it was hard – but oh so beautiful! I wouldn’t trade that! (Although I will still rejoice when she gets to be with her other friends.)
  • A little disappointment when I was the last to see the most recent creativity of my children. I’ve been behind on stuff the past couple of weeks, and have had less free time. So, I’ve missed some things. That’s hard. But I’m getting caught up. And, I’m reminded that my kids are still learning and growing – and reminded how much I love watching them. Yes, it was hard. But the reminders were well worth it.
  • That inevitable dislike when one of my babies is sick. And by sick, I mean it took us about 45 minutes to get it all cleaned up. But, I got to see calmness in action. None of the kids panicked. None of them – even the sick one – stressed out. We just all stepped in and dealt with it. And it was fine. My kids know how to step up and say, “How can I help?” when there’s a crisis, rather than going nuts and getting all bent out of shape – or running away because they can’t handle it. Such an attitude and skills cannot be formed if everything is fun and easy. They can only be developed when we face hard days.

Yes, I’ve had fun and easy days as a mother. But I’ve had my share of hard and challenging days, too. And, do you know what? I wouldn’t trade them for ANYTHING!

This week has not been one that will go into the books as fun and easy. It has been hard. Hard, but good. And I’m thankful for every moment of it.


So sorry you've got a sick one, but how lovely to see the attitude of "how can I help" :D

I kind of wonder about the mom who says it's all sunshine and roses...

Kerry and I knew a couple that really wanted to be a mentor couple to others. They were very young and claimed that they always got along and never fought about anything... all sunshine and roses. They were some of the most shallow people I'd ever met and had absolutely nothing to offer as mentors.

I know what you're saying about our attitude influencing how we view the inevitable hard times in ANY relationships (especially as parents and spouses), and I don't want to dwell on the challenges, but...

I think I'd keep that commenter far FAR away from anyone who is struggling and needs encouragement!

Happy Valentine's Day :D


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