God’s Repair Work

Any time we go from renting to owning a house, the first thought is, “What’s going to be the first thing to break!”

Sure enough, last week while I was cooking lunch, the kids looked at the oven and said, “Why is the clock face blank?”

We have a gas stove/oven, which is wonderful. Unfortunately, the oven, unlike the stovetop, is operated by electric controls. And sure enough, the control panel was completely unresponsive.

Doug fiddled with it later that day, then researched it. This is a 25 year old oven. No parts are available.

It’s been hot, so we’ve avoided oven use as much as possible lately. So, we decided to use the grill as much as possible while waiting and praying for an oven solution.

Two days later, the solution came – the controls started working again. Just out of the blue. The panel was dark one minute and lit the next!

I’m sure at some point down the road, we’ll have to replace this oven. But, even before the oven came back to life, we knew now wasn’t the time for a new one. When the time is right, He’ll let us know.

In the meantime, I’m reminded that God’s repair work is the best!


Oh, hurray! I've been through similar experiences. Reminds me of the Israelites, wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, and their shoes didn't wear out. Only God.

Lisa said…
Not ashamed that I've laid hands on the hood of a car and begged God to make it work. I find your example of contentment, using your grill, refreshing. He will provide, He always does.

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