Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, September 15, 2015

In the great outdoors...temps in the 50’s for the third morning in a row. Ah….loving it!

There’s also a cabana tent set up in the back yard right now – with no screen to keep out mosquitoes! As much as I miss Almyra, I definitely do not miss the skeeters!

2015-09-14 10.23.48

Within our four walls...getting the morning going with chores, goofy music, and plenty of Choffy and coffee. Or maybe not plenty. We could probably use a whole lot more!

A heart of thanksgiving...for the cooler weather; for the beautiful hummingbirds that brighten my day; for a boss and co-workers who seek the Lord; for plenty in the cabinets and freezer; for the blessing of fall; for friends.

A heart of prayer...for Baby Eli. God has done amazing things already! The surgery took half as long as normal, and his recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. If want to see just a glimpse of what the past week has looked like, you can go here:

Elijah’s Journey

Also prayers for friends struggling with various health issues and other needs.

Random observations...

My silly children...

Thoughts from the kitchen...hoping to have time to try out a new recipe today – a creamy chicken roll-up bake. We’ll see how the day goes. But soup weather is knocking on our door. If I had the ingredients, pasta e fagioli soup would be in the crock pot this morning!

On my bookshelf...Hope to finally start Patrick Carr’s novella this week.

Projects...I’ve made zero progress on school stuff in the past week or two. Zero. Just maintaining at this point. We have stopped doing the six weeks on, one week off because we know we need more free time in the summer now. But, I might have to take a week just to get the semester finally planned out.

Sounds of the moment...the dryer. I was going to comment on the silly music, but it’s gone now.

Oh, who am I kidding. It’s still in my head. Olivia played this for Angie to help her get something else out of her head. The “something else” must have been pretty rough if this helped!

From Hibbard Academy…let’s see…Angie’s starting Around the World in 80 Days. Fun times! Steven is diving into westward expansion, and Olivia is in the colonization period. I love history!

A favorite thing from last week...a day of just plain visiting with the Choates. Food for the soul.

The planner...last night was Scouts/AHG; about to head out the door for a dr’s appointment this morning; otherwise a full week, but nothing abnormal.

Because visuals are fun...and this face is just precious! Sweet Katherine Choate – how I love this child and her big brother and sisters!2015-09-10 12.10.15


Hurray for no mosquitos! I love when the cooler nights kill off the bugs :D
And I'm with you on the soup weather - just made a big pot of chili this morning.
Doug Hibbard said…
That song still needs more cowbell.
Choate Family said…
We love you guys! Time with your sweet family is always refreshing :-)

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