Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, September 21, 2015

In the great outdoors...a lovely fall day – well, at least until the next heat wave hits this afternoon! Noticing some growth in the flower garden circle in the back yard. Since we cleared that out and haven’t planted anything new, it’s most definitely weeds that need to be dealt with. I eventually hope to get my irises out there. I’d love to have irises all over that circle one day, if I can ever get them to bloom!

Within our four walls...a little sluggishness after a very full Sunday and Monday. Excited about a slower-paced Tuesday – and early bedtimes!

A heart of thanksgiving...for answered prayer and God’s clear leadership. He’s so good to us, isn’t He? If He never provided another material blessing, His guidance and very presence would be more amazing than I could ever truly comprehend. I want to keep that truth in my mind, even when I’m praying for material blessings.

A heart of prayer...for farmer friends continuing with harvest; for our church.

Random observations...So, Angie got a big “daddy” cow for her birthday. She named him James, and James has already had quick a few adventures. He even has his own Facebook page to chronicle these adventures (although many of his pictures end up on Doug’s FB page):

But, Steven managed to get ahold of him the other day and didn’t want to let go. Can you blame him? This is one snuggly cow!

2015-09-20 08.00.16

My silly children...contributed to the following conversation (I know the opening admonition was given by Doug. I was laughing too hard to determine who said what thereafter):

“Children, when you go outside this afternoon, please do not mess with the turkey bones in the yard.”

“What turkey died?”

“The one we ate.”

“Oh, that one had bones?”

“No, it was a boneless turkey.”

“You know, where boneless turkey sandwiches come from.”

And they wonder why I’ve lost all sanity.

Thoughts from the kitchen...I keep thinking about the pasta e fagioli soup we had Sunday. Then again yesterday. Although Angela wouldn’t mind in the least, I have a feeling other members of the family would rather not have it again today. They like it – just not THAT much. But it just hit the spot so well both days – and I’m not a fan of Olive Garden’s pasta e fagioli. I can eat it, but I’d rather have the salad. But this? This is GOOD!

On my bookshelf...that “want to read” stack keeps growing! Especially with two new books added to my stack last night (thank you, Tricia!!). Of course, I have to wrench those away from Angela before I’ll get a chance to read them. I should have known better than to share my favorite authors with my sweet bibliophile. If my books ever disappear, I know exactly where to look!

 Projects...writing. Now that all but a few of Olivia’s school subjects are planned through the first semester, I’m definitely feeling the breathing room in the schedule. So, I’m getting serious about the writing again. Ah, feels so good! Slowly but surely increasing the amount I write each week.

And editing a project of Doug’s. I love copy editing almost as much as writing, but my job as senior editor is more about administration and providing structure for the creativity of the content and design teams (both of which are also amazing jobs!) than about copy editing. So, it’s nice to have something to keep those mental copy editing muscles flexed as well.

Sounds of the moment...the washer. I’m so thankful for a washing machine!

From Hibbard Academy...plugging along! Because I was working on future planning yesterday, I’m almost more familiar with what will be going on in December and early January than right now!

A favorite thing from last week...two things: First, a little down time with the family on Saturday. We needed that!

But, also, watching my kids on Tuesday. I had a routine appointment, and they had to tag along – which meant that they sat in the waiting area by themselves for about 40 minutes. They immediately pulled out their school stuff and got to work.

 2015-09-15 10.10.26

And when I came out, they were still happy and had made a great deal of progress on their work. So thankful for my kids!

2015-09-15 10.10.40

The planner...yesterday was our busy day with Scouts and AHG. We get to slow down a bit the rest of the week, finishing off with apple picking and a Choate visit on Friday. It won’t be long before we have to go a while without Choate visits, so we’re stocking up!

Because visuals are fun...this is what happens when someone is fascinated by my phone/camera and wants to see how it works. I end up with interesting pictures.

2015-09-19 17.56.59

Of course, there’s also the kids and their tendency to snap pictures while I’m doing something like pumping gas. Those are usually must sweeter, though! Can you tell who the photographer was?!?

2015-09-16 13.03.13

2015-09-16 13.03.18

2015-09-16 13.03.55


I always enjoy your daybooks and the window into your world :D

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