Just Visiting

Remember our apple picking trip? Well, that actually was our second try. We’d originally made plans for September 10. Aaron was in the Solomons and Doug had to work, but it was a day mamas and kids could squeeze out of the busy schedules that so greatly limit our time. So, we set the date. Then we found out the orchard was closed.
Turns out, that’s just what we needed. Because, as much fun as we have on field trips, sometimes just visiting meets a deeper need.
2015-09-10 12.02.16
There was a little bit of working together, chopping apples so Sarah could work her wonders in the kitchen. (That was an amazing apple pie!)2015-09-10 12.00.11
Yes, they were very careful with that many hands and that many knives in a small space.
2015-09-10 12.07.06
Even if Steven did act threatening once or twice!
2015-09-10 12.09.14
James the Cow met the Choates for the first time and wanted to help when a few extra apples needed to be cut after the first batch was done. But, he wasn’t quite as handy with the knife as the kids.
2015-09-10 12.13.30
So, Joanna and I finished up. (For the record, this is the second time we’ve accidentally matched.)
2015-09-10 12.15.00
(I had to snap this picture just because. I love my girlies!)
2015-09-10 12.10.08
The kids finished off the visit with a game of Settlers of Catan, a favorite for both families.
2015-09-10 14.40.18
Yes, having the chance to go on field trips with the Choates is incredibly fun. But, a day of just visiting warms our hearts, too, in very wonderful ways.


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