Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, October 5, 2015

In the great, dry, and alternating between sunny and cloudy. The warmth is returning later this week (sorry, Julie!), but we’re enjoying open windows and nice breezes right now.

Within our four walls...a low-key morning as all three kids woke up feeling icky.

A heart of thanksgiving...for the forced slow down. We HAVE to stay home tonight to get well.

A heart of prayer...for health; for our church; for our farmer friends wrapping up their harvest (hopefully); for the upcoming busy season.

Random observations...My children have always been so healthy. But, this is the second time they’ve been sick since we’ve moved, and they’ve been so much more tired. I can’t help but connect our more hectic lifestyle to the reduced health of my children. It’s not just a busy schedule – we’ve had that before. It’s that our entire flow of life is different. Praying through how to make adjustments so our family can still accomplish what we need to in this season, yet protect our health and ability to thrive.

My silly children...aren’t as silly when they don’t feel well. I anticipate some sweet snuggles this morning.

Thoughts from the kitchen...probably leftovers today. I need to go grocery shopping.

On my bookshelf...not making much progress on reading right now.

Projects...finishing the seasonal clothing – two tubs with coats, jackets, sweatshirts, and my warmer clothes are sitting in the hall right now. But, of course, it’s getting warm again later this week. So I need the whole range of clothing.

Starting to think toward Christmas. Meanwhile, though, I’m knitting slipper socks for Steven and Angie.

Sounds of the moment...the hum of the fan and tweeting of birds. And the washer. Yep, it’s that time of morning!

From Hibbard Academy...we’re still having school this morning because we’ve taken so many days off lately and will be off Thursday, Friday, and Monday. But, we’re keeping it as low key and relaxed as possible to accommodate snotty brains.

A favorite thing from last week...a little family spontaneity here and there last week. We haven’t had breathing room for that much lately. I’m ready to create that breathing room again!

The planner...oh, you know, nothing big. Only finally getting to meet a long-time blog friend face to face for the first time!! I don’t know how long we’ve been interacting online, but it’s been years. Six, seven, eight? And the best thing is, the friendship includes the Choates. So, it’s going to be one, big, fun gathering. And yes, it will be wild and weird and crazy, because we’re all that way. No, I’m not the least bit excited.

Because visuals are fun...the kids and cousin Morgan at Friday night’s Jacksonville High School football game – the last homecoming before the school district changes and some consolidation takes place.2015-10-02 20.31.47


Ann, we're so excited! To SEE you all and visit - and we're happy to keep the activity level low-key :D

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