More Friend Time & Pinnacle

Back to our adventures with the Choates and “Grasshoppers” (as my family has always called them)…

Friday we went down, so Saturday, we headed up!!

Arkansas “mountains” are nothing compared to the west coast mountains Julie and Tate are used to. But, we all thought a hike up Pinnacle would be delightful.

2015-10-10 11.37.56

The energetic kids dashed ahead, then posed themselves along the way. Somehow they seemed to know the mamas would want pictures!

2015-10-10 11.56.33

And there’s no doubt they’re a good-looking bunch! But, the scenery was gorgeous, too. God’s artistry takes my breath away.

2015-10-10 11.59.46

Julie said this one reminds her of a blown volcano. I’d be inclined to agree.

2015-10-10 12.17.55

Olivia and I ended up a little behind everyone else, and we turned a different direction at the top. We finally spotted the rest of the crew on a boulder a little to our left and below us. We snapped this fun picture before heading over to join them.

2015-10-10 12.25.17

There are teenage boys who will let nine-year-olds tag along with them, but not many would include him as a natural part of their “group.” Benjamin and Tate were so sweet to Steven, never making him feel like he was just the little kid that they tolerated.

2015-10-10 12.35.09

Such a great bunch of teenagers!

2015-10-10 12.36.02

And a pretty cute almost teenager.

2015-10-10 12.36.14

These princesses found a nice shady bench to enjoy a snack, some rest time, and the beautiful scenery.

2015-10-10 12.43.08

2015-10-10 12.39.22

Love these ladies!

2015-10-10 12.41.13

When it was time to head back down, Benjamin came and asked if Steven could join them heading down the east trail – a more challenging trail. Not only would they have to descend this more difficult path, they’d then have to walk an extra mile around the base to get back to our starting point.

2015-10-10 13.02.44

He was all for it!! So, off they went!

2015-10-10 13.03.16

While the gals returned the way we’d come, enjoying a lighter descent and some sweet visiting.

2015-10-10 13.21.01

We didn’t have to wait too long, either, for the guys to rejoin us at the base. They made great time, and their slight “delay” gave Doug enough time to join us (he’d been at a church work day) for a late picnic lunch.

2015-10-10 14.28.26

The kids were pumped to the last second and didn’t want to say goodbye. But, we could tell they all needed it…even before we saw the evidence.

2015-10-10 15.52.28

Angie didn’t even budge when we stopped for gas, nor when we made a quick grocery stop. And yes, Olivia is asleep sitting up.

2015-10-10 15.52.38

Only my big boy in the back managed to stay awake!

2015-10-10 15.52.52

Another great day with great friends!


So much fun!
We're missing you all :D
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