Community Band Fun

Before I start posting vacation pictures, I thought I’d give a little peek into the Friday before vacation…

Summer is rolling back around, and it’s time for the North Little Rock Community Band’s outdoor concerts to start back up again!

2016-05-13 19.34.38

And, of course, since Mom is in the band, the whole extended gang joins in the concerts these days! Alli was down from NW Arkansas for a visit, so even she got to join us this time.

2016-05-13 19.23.20

I didn’t even get the whole crew. A couple I didn’t know showed up and sat by Dad and “Aunt” Joyce (a long-time Browning family friend), and my Aunt Janet (mom’s sister) & Uncle Dave showed up a little while later, as well.

2016-05-13 19.23.10

But, you know I can’t resist shots of my own cuties.

2016-05-13 19.24.00

Or my beautiful nieces (these two picked up a friend for a few minutes).

2016-05-13 19.23.53

Yep, that niece, too! Hibbards and Brownings all in one big cheering section.

2016-05-13 19.26.35

But Nora is the one who stole the show.

2016-05-13 19.40.30

Is she not the cutest thing in the world?!?!

2016-05-13 19.40.42

Okay, so maybe the cutest little thing in the world. These two are still my favorite girlies.

2016-05-13 20.16.11

It was a beautiful evening and all-around fun concert. The band played a variety of marches – delightful music to kick off the summer. Then we enjoyed a trip to Wendy’s for a little bit of visit time before heading home. On those days when we miss life out in the country, we remind ourselves that, by living in the Little Rock area, these fun little events are much easier to enjoy!


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