Random Thoughts About Pickiness

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to revamp the blog a bit. The problem is, I’m picky. It needed a facelift, but now I don’t know that I like the facelift I gave it! Ha!

That’s the cool thing about a digital “diary,” though. I’m not stuck with it. Changing it around doesn’t cause me to lose content, nor do I have to leave it like it is now. I can play and change and tinker to my heart’s content. Well, as much as I have time for anyway.

So, the look of this blog might change several times over the course of the summer until I find what I like. Then it will probably stay the same way for a loooooong time. Because that’s how I roll.

I’m realizing something as I tinker, though – the kind of realization I usually reserve for my other blog, but it just seems to fit here this time around. Part of the reason the blog design hasn’t changed in so long is because I knew it would take time to get it just right – it would take tinkering to find what I wanted. So, I put it off to keep from taking that time.

And I do that in “real life” too. I put things off because I don’t want to take the time to get them just right.

It’s not always a bad thing to be picky. It drives us to do well. But, it can also stop us from diving in and taking a risk. Changing up my blogs (I’m doing it on annhibbard.com, too) is not that big of a deal. But, a willingness to dive in and do just might drive me to dive in and do in bigger things, even if they do take me a while because of my pickiness.

Here’s to changes and tinkering and even a little bit of pickiness.


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