A Fun Bit of Music to Start Your Day

We first discovered The Piano Guys about three years ago and have become huge fans. This Christmas video was actually our first exposure. It’s hard to not get hooked when you see four people working together to do this:

We quickly discovered that this sort of performance around the piano was the exception, not the rule. But, the “rule” is always pretty awesome, too, whether on video or CD. One of my favorite recent videos is one shot in Jordan! It’s their take on the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade theme music, filmed as part of their “7 Wonders of the World Quest” to shoot music videos at each of the seven wonders. I love the Petra scenes, but the shots of Steven Sharp Nelson playing his cello in the busy suq in Amman are my favorite – especially the looks from passersby! So perfect!

You might be tired of watching, and if so, feel free to move right along. But, if you’re having fun, check out this one additional “take the piano cover off” video. I’ve heard this song many times, but I saw the video for the first time last weekend – I didn’t realize this was how they did this one!



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