Field Trip

Friday was field trip day! We try to find museums and such (as many free as possible!) every month or two to take a school field trip. So far we've barely scratched the top of the list of things we can go see! Since it had been two months since our last true field trip, we knew it was time. How fortunate we are that part of Grandma's job is to coordinate educational activities related to some of Louisiana's military museums! Her office is located at the Military Museum in Ruston, so that's where we headed on Friday. We had a great time seeing Grandma and PopPop, of course, but it was also lots of fun to see the museum.

The best pictures were outside, but there are a few inside, too. Many of these are of Steven in front of various aircraft. From the moment we arrived, he wanted to head outside to see the airplanes and helicopters! He was ecstatic! He'd park himself in front of one and say, "Take a picture of me in front of the __________, Mommy!"

Here's Daddy explaining the tank to the kids.
This is what Doug wanted to take home! :-)

Explaining how some of the big guns worked.

Coloring in Grandma's office after the tour.
Steven in his patriotic shades - he ran around while the girls were coloring. I called his name to check on him at one point, and his response was, "I'm not touching anything! I'm just looking!"
All in all, a fun day, with some great visits with Grandma and PopPop thrown in the mix.


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