New Schedule

The Hibbards are trying something new. Our family schedule has not been working, and we've not been getting things done around the house. It seems as if we were only getting school done. Now, I do know that getting school done is a big deal, but there's a home to keep in order as well! After much prayer, Doug felt led to suggest a total change in schedule - housework in the morning and school in the afternoon. We are on day three, and it's working! The girls are getting their chores done in record time, I'm getting my chores done in record time, and school is much more peaceful in the afternoons without the loud Steven constantly in the midst of everything. In fact, yesterday school was also done in record time! Plus, it seems that I will once again have time to do the "extra" things like blogging without sacrificing house work in the process. I also am actually chipping away at that to-do list that keeps getting put on the back burner. Please pray for us in this new schedule that it will remain effective and that the Lord will lead us to any changes we need to make. We so greatly want, as a family, to be better stewards of our time and resources every day.

We are calling Steven Extreme Pooka these days. Yesterday alone he whacked his head on a corner wall and on the headboard of his bed. His forehead looks pretty rough! Last week he hit his ear and the side of his head on the headboard. I'm trying to teach him NOT to jump on the bed! He's so active - it's just hard to keep up with him!

I just have to share how God is doing awesome things in our family. I sat down to inventory our meat supply to see how much we still had left. We should have had enough to last us another week or two. As I inventoried and planned meals, though, I discovered that we have enough to plan for an entire month, and the Angel Food that we've already paid for will greatly add to that - we pick it up next weekend!

Now, please realize that we're not in a position of wondering where our next meal is coming from, but living is not cheap for anyone these days. Everyone is seeking ways to make their budget stretch as prices increase. We are seeking to be good stewards of every little thing God has placed in our hands and home. Before we plan our menus and create our grocery list, we're asking God to provide our every need and guide us in the planning. We have intentionally gone from just asking Him to take care of the needs in general to asking very specifically for His guidance in the planning, and we've seen a huge change in our grocery needs! The amount of money we're spending is decreasing phenomenally, and the food we have seems to be stretching just as amazingly. I can't explain it! I can't put it into words. But, I have to share it. God is so awesome to provide over and abundantly when we walk in obedience to Him. I love that! I love seeing His hand in our daily lives.


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