Sweet Prayers

There's nothing like watching a child learn how to pray. We've asked Steven to pray many times, trying to lead him in sweet little toddler prayers, but he's always said, "No thanks!" He has liked praying with others - holding hands and bowing his head so sweetly - but he has not tried it himself. Until lately. Over the past few days he has developed a love for praying. "Pooka say thank you Jesus!" is his typical indication that he wants to pray. Then he'll wait for our prompts and will start praying very sweetly. Such a precious age. It will soon give way to the age where he will pray for everything his little mind can come up with. I just love it!

Just to give you a run-down of the last week...

The rest of the convention was good. I got to go Wednesday morning and very much enjoyed it. Doug got some of the DVD's of the sermons I missed, and we've been catching up on those. All in all it was a very good trip. It was nice to see Alli and nice to see a few other people at the convention we'd not seen in a while.

The weather's been pretty, so we were outside a lot over the weekend. The kids climbed trees, rode bikes, and played ball. Olivia practiced starting and stopping to add to her new bike-riding skills. She's still a bit timid, but she's doing well. Hopefully we'll start Angie earlier than we did Olivia! :-)

We still have those kittens. The person who was coming to take two of them never came. We're hoping that two of them have other homes as of now, but we're really, really needing to get them moved on. Please keep praying that we will find homes very, very quickly, as in this week!!!


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