Playing in the Leaves

The girls have always had this image in their minds of building a huge pile of leaves and jumping in them. We've never lived where that was a possibility - not enough trees! Last year we "borrowed" some of Nanny and Papaw's leaves in Judsonia, but this year we had our own!!! I looked out the window yesterday morning and saw that a plethora of leaves had fallen through the course of the night and were still falling, almost like rain! So, for breaktime yesterday we went outside with a rake and large broom and managed to create a HUGE pile of leaves. We all had such fun - even Steven dove in! I was quite surprised at his willingness to jump in, as he is often a little leery of such things. The pile is still there, and the supply of leaves on the ground around the pile has been replenished. So, I'm sure we'll be out there several more times throughout the weekend. I think doses of Claritin or Zyrtec all around might be in order!

When it was time to go back to school, it was hard to leave that wonderful pile. So, we brought school to the pile...


Sean and Lendy said…
What fun! My grandparent's house always provided HUGE piles of leaves as well...great memories.
so fun! nothing like pure laughter from happy kids!!!
Anonymous said…
Lydia and Nathan were furious when they saw their dad using his leaf blower to fill up trash bags with leaves--they insisted him making them a leaf pile to jump in instead of wasting all those perfectly good leaves!

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