Home Again!

Greetings from home! Yes, we're back today, and it feels good. The plumbing is still not fixed, but it is functional. They started digging yesterday only to discover that the problem was worse than they originally thought. They repaired a few pipes and left the cap vented here by the house, but come Monday morning they will have to actually dig up the street. The blessing is that they were able to fix it enough that it will actually flow, even if only temporarily. We still need to be careful (we're training the kids to throw toilet paper in the trash can!), but we can use it without it flowing into the yard. So, we get to be home, and it's a great feeling.

The kids are enjoying some time outside before the afternoon rains come, and I am working on getting started on the catch-up housework. Through the course of the weekend I will make it a point to put some pictures up showing some of the things we got to do over the course of the week.


Choate Family said…
Sounds like our toilet in the Russells - you can think of us every time you utilize the bathroom!

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