Home School Day at the Capitol

I have yet to upload the few pictures we took on Tuesday, but I'll hopefully get those on here soon. I think the camera is actually still in the van! Oops!

We had a great time on Tuesday. We left the house pretty early so we could take advantage of the time in Little Rock to run a few errands. Since lunch was going to be late (after our noon tour), we splurged on a late morning snack at Chick-fil-A when we got into town! Mmmmmm....chicken minis! It's been a while, and they sure were good!

After running an errand or two, we headed to the Capitol where we got registered, dropped off desserts for our senator and representative, and then browsed a bit on our own. Our tour began at noon, and we were blessed to be in a relatively small group of three families. It was quite neat because our group represented the span of Arkansas. We are in the southeast, the second family was from central Arkansas, and the third family was from the northwest corner of the state. The girls were obviously a bit overwhelmed with all of the information and didn't quite understand everything that we were told, but I think they enjoyed it all anyway.

We did realize once we got there that we were going to miss one opportunity that a little advance planning might have taken care of. My uncle is serving in the House of Representatives, but we didn't even think to contact him to see if we could say hi. We were a bit disappointed to have not had the foresight to set that up, but the girls were excited to discover they had a relative involved in what they were learning!

After a nice late lunch and a few more errands, we headed home. We look forward to going back, both on the next Home School Day in 2011 and on our own as the girls learn more about American history and government.


Stephanie Kay said…
I've never been to the Capitol building. We moved so much when I was in elem. school I missed the school trips. Makes me think I should check into a tour of the RI capitol building.

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