Happy President's Day! Hope it's getting off to a great start for each of you!

Today is a good day so far for us. We were able to get back into our normal routine this morning, and it's amazing how much energy I find when I'm back in my exercise routine! The girls finished their morning chores in record time, and then all three kids found a way to occupy themselves peacefully while they waited for the sun to warm the backyard just a wee bit more.

As a side note, I have to confess that I really, really don't like reading aloud or having someone read aloud to me. I guess that goes along with the realization that I am a visual learner, and auditory processing requires more work and effort on my part. But, Sonlight is set up to encourage both teacher and students to read aloud on a daily basis, and I have tried to be diligent to follow through with those assignments. I have to say that listening to Angela read aloud to her brother and sister made every read-aloud assignment that we've participated in worth my while! (And I'm starting to like it more myself, too!)

As soon as the reading time was over the kids headed outside where they are happily playing in the beautiful sunshine, and I continued plugging away at trying to get the house back in order.

As for the plumbing update - there was at least some activity this morning. We arrived home from exercising (and showering - just because we expected them to be at work on the plumbing here) at church a little after 9:00 to find a hug hole in the yard and some vehicles parked in the street. But no workers. It's now over two hours later and we've seen no further activity. So, we'll see what happens next!

So, that's our Monday so far! This afternoon we'll be tackling school and focusing on some President's Day activities. Should be fun!


Ruthanne said…
You are the woman!! I can't believe you're still having to deal with this plumbing issue! That's crazy.

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