He Likes It!

Remember I mentioned last week that Steven didn't like going to the pool? We were kind of torn between the idea of making him get in to get used to it and not pushing him too hard. So, we let him sit out some - one trip we didn't make him get in at all. We just put him in a life jacket and had him sit in a chair while we swam. As long as he didn't have to get in, he was perfectly content to sit there and watch us!

The next trip, though, we said he needed to get in for a little while. As soon as I got him to release me a bit, we started singing and bouncing and he started to enjoy himself. By the end of the trip, he had graduated to just holding on to me with one hand, and he was even kicking his little legs like a pro!

Then came Monday...we weren't sure we were going to go swimming that day. But, Doug walked in the door from work, and Steven ran up to him and said, "We're going swimming, Daddy!" I said, "Honey, I don't think we're going today," and he burst into tears! Doug asked him if he wanted to swim, and he gave an enthusiastic YES!

So, guess what? Yep, we packed up and headed to the pool. He fussed a bit and clung to me when he first got in, but within five minutes he was not only having fun, but had totally let go of me and was maneuvering around in his floaty all by himself! He was ready to go! Mommy and Daddy were a little less ready, so we made sure to stay close to him at all times, but we were so proud of him! He kicked those little legs and moved all over that pool!

I guess sometimes all it takes is a little perseverance...


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