Life of the Hibbards

Lately we've had "normal" days for a while. That's kind of nice now and then, even if "normal" is still a bit wacky! Yesterday morning we were all hanging out around the house doing our own things.

Doug was at the office.

I was doing some housework and computer stuff.

Olivia was finishing up a couple of school work things she didn't quite get done the day before. (Yes, we do school year round. It helps stave off the boredom and allows us to take off whenever we want through the year.)
The explanation as to why Olivia had school work leftover leads me to our fun news for the summer. We have the wonderful blessing of an open invitation to the home of some church friends to use their pool this summer! We are having a great time heading out there in the late afternoon/early evenings (well, most of us - Steven still isn't very sure of it - in fact, he doesn't like it at all!). We've never had many opportunities for real summer swimming, so this is quite the fun treat. Maybe through the course of the summer, we can actually teach the girls to swim and get Steven to the point of enjoying the pool.

Steven sat at the dining room table creating all sorts of things with play dough. He went through three different colors and sat there for nearly an hour! Play dough is such an awesome thing! :-)
Angie hid away in her room playing with her baby doll stuff. She just needs that alone time every now and then, and yesterday was the perfect morning for it.
And our final news is that Angie's crossbite is no more! After four weeks of turning the little screw in her mouth, she now has a normal bite. This has also opened up her sinus cavities and airways, which might help with the congestion she has lived with since birth! She now has a nice, big gap between her two front teeth, something she is quite proud of. She enjoys playing with it with her tongue! The space should help ensure that there is plenty of room for her permanent teeth when they come in.
She still has to wear the appliance for three more weeks as a retainer, but then we'll be totally done. Thank you so much to all of you who prayed that this would be a smooth experience. God has definitely answered those prayers! Although she said it did hurt when we turned it each time, she was as brave as could be. We never heard a peep from her when we went to turn it, and she never hesitated a bit when it was time to turn it - she even reminded us several times! I must say, though, she let out a pretty big cheer when she learned that we didn't have to turn it any more!

And that's a glimpse into the Hibbard family of late. Hope all of you are having a great summer, too!


Stephanie Kay said…
Yeah for friends with a pool!! I think we are also doing year-round schooling. :)
Mandy said…
Oh I wish I had a friend with a pool! How fun!

Even though I don't homeschool during the school year, we do school work all summer long, too! I don't want them to back-slide and forget everything they just learned.. so we just continue from where they left off.

Carter has a cross-bite and I know that soon he'll have to get the expander in his mouth. I hope he does as well with it as Angie!! Be praying for us!
Hi Ann,

Of course we're taking a summer vacation... we're not doing any school work... no, not us. We're doing PROJECTS!

The boys always say that they can't wait for summer and days that are completely at their disposal. But if I set them totally free all day long, they're not happy. They bicker.

So, we do a lot of fun things, and they do get a lot more free time, but I keep 'em a bit structured.

Hurray that the expander experience is almost over! (I have two in head-gear.)


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