Sights from the Trip

There are some random pictures from the trip that I thought I'd just post together here.

Here are the kids Monday morning - fresh and ready to head into adventure. By Tuesday afternoon they weren't nearly as fresh, but they did have lots of fun on the trip!
As we were on our way to MDO Monday morning, we were stopped in our tracks by a family of geese crossing the road! There is a pond off to the right that they were all trying to get to.
They were followed by quite a few more families of ducks! This is only a few of them! Drivers behind us were not pleased with the delay, but who are we to impede the progress of goose families?
We arrived in Louisville and went in to explore our hotel "room." We have become quite the fans of Residence Inns because they provide the space for a family of five to spread out - plus the rooms make it easy for us to dine in some meals instead of always having to eat out on our trips. We didn't quite expect the room we ended up with as it was so very different from the Residence Inns we've stayed in in the past. But, it definitely did give us room to spread out!

It was set up like a split-level apartment. On the main floor was an l-shaped kitchen/living/dining area. The dining area could be separated from the living area by a curtain and thus turned into a bedroom. And, where, you might ask, was the bed? In the wall! Where else! Yes, the wall right behind Angela comes down...
...and voila, you have a bed! The kids, of course, thought this was the most incredible thing in the world!
The girls found it quite a treat to sleep on such a bed. And I found it funny that they chose to sleep literally on top of each other! I think the problem was that Olivia was a cover-hogger, and Angela had to huddle up close to stay covered!
But, as with most children, the stairs were the greatest attraction. Upstairs was a sort of loft with a bed and a second bathroom. For the most part, the kids weren't allowed on the stairs, but they did enjoy throwing their balls up onto the stairs and watching them roll back down! That provided great and exciting entertainment on many occasions!

After traveling Sunday afternoon and all day Monday, being at the convention from 8:00 AM til about 8:30 PM on Tuesday, being back at the convention at 8:00 Wednesday morning, and having a collection of very late nights under our belts - not to mention the fact that we were in Eastern time zone for the week - we were all quite exhausted by Wednesday afternoon. This was Steven after his two and a half hour nap Wednesday afternoon! He stayed curled up in my lap for quite some time before slowly coming back to life for the evening. Fortunately, we were able to stay in all afternoon and evening to get some rest before heading homeward Thursday morning. Although the convention finished up Wednesday evening, all of the critical business had been completed that morning. We were glad to stay in!
Keep in mind, as I blog about our trip last week, I'm mainly focusing on the family side of things. At some point I might tap out a few thoughts about the convention itself on my thoughts blog, but for the most part I'm going to leave that up to Doug rather than typing up posts that cover what he's already covered! So, for thoughts about the convention itself, head on over to his blog!


Doug Hibbard said…
Are those ducks or geese?

Luv u bunches!

Ooops - you're right! They were geese. Thanks! I fixed it!

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