Addition Facts

I made a very delightful discovery the other day that I just had to share! Angie knows all of her addition facts 1-10!! Apparently, Olivia has been teaching her these facts over the past few months. Angela isn't super fast in answering yet, but she has the concept down and she does know them! I cannot put into words how excited I am - this is going to be quite helpful as we proceed through first grade math this year. Oh, how I love having multiple children who love to teach one another!

Meanwhile, Steven knows all his colors and shapes and can count well above ten - and can even actually count objects up to ten. All thanks to his big sisters (with just a teensy weensy bit of help from Mommy).

Yep, I like this! :-)


Stephanie Kay said…
I love watching Will teach Ben and Ellie. It's so fun! He's also reading to them. It all trickles down. Now they are all trying to teach Sam the sign for "more."

Home "school" really is fun (most of the time).

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