A Family's Choice

I always love hearing how other families came to the decision regarding how to educate their children. So often we are defensive about our choices, whether it is a choice to send them to public school, place them in a private school, or educate them at home. What we need to be is prayerful, both about our decisions and about how we should share those decisions. There is such a testimony of the power of our Lord when we can share our decision in a solid, articulate, non-defensive manner.

This morning I read one of the best explanations I have ever read of a family's reasoning for choosing to homeschool their children. Their homeschool journey is just beginning, and they seem to be looking forward to it with great excitement. The interesting thing is this - "dad" is a public school teacher who very much loves his job and the school system in which he works! Naturally, he has received a lot of questions as to why he would choose to withdraw his children from a school district that he firmly believes can provide a quality education.

So, he blogged about it. And I encourage you to click here and read it.

I love seeing families who intently pray about their children's education, regardless of what choices come from those prayers. When we seek the Lord for His direction, He will not only guide but fully provide. What a relief to be able to place it all in His hands!


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