Pictures from School

I have seen so many back to school pictures. We'll probably do something more "formal" for back to school pictures in October when it's cool and the mosquitoes have decreased so we can take them outside. I love fall pictures!

Meanwhile, here are just a few scenes from our first few days of school.

Angela, excited about copywork!
Olivia waiting for math instruction.
The spot where Olivia is sitting is one of the "instruction" spots. When it's just easier for me to teach from my desk where everything is accessible and handy, the kids pull their comfy little chairs up to my desk and we go over their work right there.

So...first thing on day one, Steven watched Olivia and Angela as they had their math instruction. Next thing I know, he is grabbing his chair and pulling it up to the "spot." He looks at me with this sweet expression on his face and says, "Can you teach me now, Mommy?" Now, how can I resist that? (It has, by the way, continued to be a consistent request every day since as well. Today, however, he came up to me and said, "Mommy, I don't know how to read. Can you teach me?")
Steven working on colors and shapes with flashcards.
Oh, and I couldn't leave this one out - on the first day, Steven found great joy in sharpening his pencils. He couldn't quite coordinate the pencil into the sharpener because he was trying to do it left-handed, but he had a great time thinking he was sharpening his pencils!


Oh Ann,

They are all adorable! I love Steven's "Can you teach me now Mommy?"

I remember when Wyatt was about four. He came up to me and announced, "I'd like to learn to read today."

Keep up the good work :0)


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