Party Day!

Although tomorrow is the big day, Steven's birthday party was yesterday. A sweet family affair, something that - with only a few exceptions - seems to be becoming a family tradition. We like celebrating that way! Doug's parents came to join us, we made a trek to Pine Bluff to visit the Railroad Museum. Oh, and eat pizza! When Grandma and PopPop arrived and asked Steven where we were going, he informed them that we were going to eat pizza. So, pizza it was! After lunch and our museum visit, we came home to eat cake and open presents.

Because there were so many fun pictures, I wanted to make sure the Railroad Museum had its own post. So, I will share that adventure later in the week. For today, we have our home celebration.

His request was for a ball cake - I think he was happy. :-) Isn't he adorable?

This was his first time to blow out candles all by his little lonesome. It took a little work, but he finally did it!

Eating a football...
He seemed to have fun opening gifts, but we could tell that, even though he's all boy - and a rough one at times at that - he's not used to just destroying things. He just wasn't too sure about tearing up that paper! :-)
I don't know how well you can read it, but his brand new wooden Louisville Slugger has his name branded into it, just like a real baseball player!


Oh those are fun years!

Happy Birthday, Steven :0)
Ruthanne said…
You did a great job on that cake - it looks perfect!

We love celebrating birthdays with family. :D
Choate Family said…
Happy birthday, big boy! I remember awaiting you with great anticipation :)
Lou Arnold said…
Great pictures. Have great birthday Steven.

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