The Choice

Oh how much I want to share with you! I have figured out how to be more consistent on my thoughts blog, thanks to scheduling posts, but I still need to figure out how to carve out a few minutes every day to post on this blog. There are so many sweet things to share!

But first, can I tell you about Thursday? Yes, last Thursday. I know, it was almost a week ago, but I's worth it. At least, it is to me!

Thursday was the last day of our school week last week since we needed to spend Friday taking care of some things in Little Rock. And, what a week-ending day it was. Monday had been a good, solid first day. Nothing fantasmagorical, but a very good start. Tuesday was about as rough as Monday had been good. No motivation. Slow workers. Lots of frustration. Then came Wednesday, which was absolutely fantastic! Much motivation. Much diligent work. Much excitement and enthusiasm about everything!

Finally, Thursday dawned. Thursday started like Tuesday. The whole family was dragging. None of us wanted to do much of anything, but we knew we had to. That is not a fun feeling. It is really hard to motivate my children when I am so unmotivated myself!

But, I have been learning that diligence is so important, especially when I do not feel like it! So, I prayed for wisdom as I bolstered myself up and began to work on doing the same for my girls. The results were amazing.

My girls were diligent. Not by desire, but by choice. They chose to do their chores in a timely fashion, even though every bone in their bodies said, "I don't want to do this!" They chose to do their school work quickly, diligently, and attentively, even though they would have much rather curled up in front of a movie, on the couch with a book, or on their floors with games and toys. They made it through each activity in record time - not because they were enthusiastic about it, but because they made the choice to just do it.

That, my friends, was the highlight of my week. Not the smooth first day of school. Not the incredible and enthusiastic day on Wednesday. Not the day off with a fun trek to Little Rock on Friday. Nope. It was the choices - the wise, godly choices - that were made on Thursday that still bring tears of proud pleasure to my eyes. That day made every struggle, every strife, every pounding of the Word into my children's hearts and minds worth it. God is working on them, and it is more beautiful than anything I have ever seen.

Thank You, Lord, for shining through my precious children. Thank You for the gift of watching them grow in You!


That's a sweet thing to remember :0)

We've been going through a section on self-control (Our 24 Family Ways) that hits on the same topic - disciplining ourselves, like athletes, to 'win the race'.

I have to make myself do what I should, and make myself avoid the things I shouldn't.

Keep reminding your kids of this day :0)

Choate Family said…
Your children have a beautiful example in their mama!

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