Happy Birthday, Steven!

Three years ago today our family dynamics changed tremendously when we welcomed a baby boy into the family. We knew it would be a change after two little girls, but we never dreamed how distinctly boy he would be from day one!
I never imagined a child could be so much like his father. But, the similarities started from the first moment when, just like his daddy, Steven arrived on his due date. Although occasionally we see glimpses of my personality in him, he grows more and more like his daddy with each passing day. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

And oh how he loves his daddy. As soon as Doug walks in the door, his question begins...Will you play with me Daddy? Then he's off to find a ball of some sort, sometimes with a bat, and sometimes just to practice throwing and catching.
I also never fathomed what the phrase mommy's boy meant until those first few weeks. And that has only grown. He is still the epitome of a mommy's boy!
How quickly three years have passed!

And how much he has grown!
The child who once wouldn't even look at other people now goes off in search of them.
The child who once bucked change with all his being is now learning to flow with it despite his discomfort.
Our sweet boy learns by asking questions. He questions and questions again until he gets it just right. He repeats the answers over and over again. He wants so badly to learn, and that is his method! And, even though we sometimes have to say, "Enough!" the questioning still gives us a glimpse into his growing mind - and it's an amazing glimpse.He loves trains, tractors, trucks, and cars with a passion. If it goes, he's excited!
He loves to cut, and is proud of the airplanes and shapes he has fashioned from pieces of construction paper.
He is a wonderful helper, and wants to do his chores. Whether it's gathering trash cans, helping put laundry in the washer or dryer, or holding the dust pan for us to sweep trash into, he does it with a cheerful and willing heart.
What a treasure this sweet boy is!! Our family has been greatly enriched from the day he joined us.

Happy birthday, my precious son! I love you!


Stephanie Kay said…
Are sons wonderful? So are daughters! lol. I didn't realize Steven and Ellie are so close in age!! She turns 3 on the 29th. A friend of mine had her 3rd son on the 29th also (she called my hospital room from hers!). 3 is such a fun age, whether boy or girl. :)
Doug Hibbard said…
That's my boy!

He's a good boy, even being so much like his daddy. And his grandpa, and, arguably, like his great-grandpa.

Which means the poor kid will probably also be a Baptist preacher.
Choate Family said…
You are such a good mama to recognize your boy's qualities so well. Keep it up!

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