Touch the Art books by Julie Appel & Amy Guglielmo

I just love the way God blesses! He has been showing us ways to creatively teach art and music appreciation by bringing ideas from various sources, guiding me to websites, and helping me find books I'd forgotten I had. But, He wasn't done! An unexpected addition to our collection arrived last week!

In the past, Doug and I have reviewed children's books for Sterling Publishing. It's been a while since we received any books from them, but last week UPS dropped off a package with two yet-to-be-released books to review. And, they were art books!

We own one book from the adorable Touch the Art series by Julie Appel and Amy Guglielmo, and we have loved it! We were so excited to receive the two newest additions to the series! The Touch the Art series is an incredibly fun way to introduce children to a wide array of art. Each book has a whimsical tale that moves through a variety of artwork. Incorporated into each piece of art is a texture of some sort, enhancing the learning experience by adding the sense of touch to art discovery. At the end of each book is found a picture of each work of art accompanied by either a brief biographical sketch of the artist or description of the artwork.

Tickle Tut's Toes takes a journey through some of the great artifacts of ancient Egypt. Children can touch the "gold" on King Tut's coffin, feel the gauze in which a mummy is wrapped, and rub the side of a mummified crocodile, just to name a few. Each page asks children a silly question that will have them rolling with laughter as they delve into the fascinating world of ancient Egypt. Accompanying each image is a description and location for the original artifact, and more detailed information can be found at the end of the book.

Catch Picasso's Rooster is a fun journey through a "museum" of artwork depicting favorite barnyard animals. As children chase Picasso's rooster through the pages of the book, they meet Rousseau's cat, Marc's blue fox, and Van Gogh's mice. They finally catch up with the rooster again in Bearden's Autumn of the Rooster. At the end of the journey, they can learn more about each of the artists in the "Artifacts" section.

At first glance the Touch the Art books might seem to be simple board books for young children, but a deeper look shows a treasure that children of all ages can enjoy as they learn about artwork and artists of all kinds!

To pre-order these fun books, click on the titles or images. Or, click here to to see all the titles in this fun series!


Ruthanne said…
Oh my! Yes, I want one of each. :D
Choate Family said…
We LOVE this series! I'm so excited to see that they have two new books now.

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