Pics from OBU Homecoming

Last Saturday we made the trek to Arkadelphia to enjoy some of the Homecoming celebrations. Although we didn't see as many friends as we expected, we had a great trip!

Excited to be on the road!

There was a real tiger there!! This is India...she really played to the crowd.

Notice the sweatshirts. Doug had picked them up on the sales rack a couple of weeks before Homecoming when he was there for Pastor's Conference (we knew we couldn't afford what they'd be selling Homecoming day!) We expected them to be too warm pretty quickly, so all three kids had their old OBU t-shirts underneath. We were very surprised to find that the sweatshirts almost weren't warm enough!! It was quite a wonderful fall day! (And yes, Doug and I were a bit chilly in our short sleeves and windbreakers!)

The family at the tiger!

Steven wasn't at all sure he wanted to get way up high, but he did it and was proud! Big boy!


Stephanie Kay said…
I have never owned an official OBU shirt. We still have our old Tiger Traks shirts (great for painting in) but they aren't the same. Guess I just don't have much school spirit. ;) Or no money left after paying tuition. ;)
Choate Family said…
Your crew looks great in purple!

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