Can you tell it's football season?! Okay, so it doesn't take football season to get these kids in Razorback mood, but it does accentuate it just a little bit around here!
One morning one child woke up ready to wear Hog attire, and the other two just had to join in! They are all excited about the cooler weather because the girls can't wait to start wearing their long-sleeved Razorback shirts, and Steven has been asking to wear his woo pig souiee jacket! :-) It's fun to be raising fans! And, Doug and I came to a conclusion - it's actually easier on parents when the team their kids are fans of does poorly. The fan paraphernalia is cheaper! Hee hee! So, even as we realize we just might be cheering on a losing team yet again, we can still say Woo Pig Souiee with glee! Yep, that's my silver lining!

And, here are just a few more shots I thought worth sharing - my kids in every-day life.
Steven and Harvey Puppy
Olivia was supposed to be putting away the books.
Just like her mommy, though, she sometimes gets lost in
the very thing she should be cleaning up!
Angie didn't feel 100% this particular morning.
A nice cozy comforter and a good book (a Little House book
in this case) helped a whole lot!


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