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For today, October 19, 2009
Outside my window...Sunshine! Wonderful, bright sunshine! And crisp, cool fall air! Definitely my favorite time of year.

I am thinking about how much energy it takes to keep my focus on today rather than being overwhelmed by the coming weeks.

I am thankful for the helpfulness of my girls this morning – they folded the laundry while I caught up on the kitchen.

From the learning rooms...Squanto & more Spanish exploration of the New World; radishes and frogs; Olivia – graphs, equations, and multiplying two-digit numbers; Angela – two-digit addtion, fractions, time

From the kitchen...harvested pumpkin waiting to be divided up and frozen, Homemade Gourmet chicken biscuit casserole – one for today, one for the freezer for moving week.

I am wearing a favorite soft, warm Pooh bear button-down top, old faded jeans, tennis shoes, and hair twisted up into a clippy.

I am creating...well, creating might be on a temporary hiatus for the next couple of weeks, although Christmas ideas are still rolling around in my mind.

I am move very, very soon! We did find out last week that the move is on, and we found out that we can move sooner than expected. Although we have until the end of November to be fully out of this house, we will be officially living in the new house by October 31 – yes, next weekend. Wow! Lots to do!

I am reading... Kiss Me Again by Barbara Wilson for this week's book review.Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims with the kids for school

I am hoping...that the sunshine will hold out and dry out the ground a bit so the kids can spend some time outside this week.

I am hearing...Steven Curtis Chapman on iTunes. Happy kids playing before school.

Around the house...quite a bit of chaos while we prepare for the move.

One of my favorite things...the nippy feeling in the house that comes after fall weather has arrived but before the heater has been turned on for the first time.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Packing. Preparing some frozen meals for moving week. Mini-vacation to Fayetteville (we get to see my li'l sis!) this weekend.


Choate Family said…
Oh, could I please come over and help fill up your freezer and help you clean and pack. It would be my joy!!!
My dear Joanna, if you would just come and sit and talk to me that would fill me with great delight! Tell you what, I'll come help you get ready to head out to the village and then you can come help me get moved to our new house. How does that sound?! :-)
Wow, that all sounds exciting! Can I come too?!

Congrats on the upcoming move, and may your stress levels be low :0)


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